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Drop Fleet redefines delivery route planning by combining efficient optimization ensuring on-time deliveries.

Shorter delivery routes with
Drop fleet's Route Opt. compared
to manual planning.
Real Time Chat

On-the-Go Updates:  Real-time chat empowers drivers with dynamic route changes, while customers receive live ETA updates, elevating the delivery experience.


Our proprietary Drop Hubs™ technology adapts to your delivery needs by minimizing travel time, organizes routes, and enhances overall delivery speed and accuracy.

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Live Tracking

Allow your customers to Track drivers live with custom-branded web tracking with accurate ETAs. Send auto SMS updates on the delivery progress. Enable instant driver communication for customers via call or message while anonymizing data.

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The last mile software for
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Drop Zones

Rapidly outline delivery zones, including specific details about driver area

ID Scan + Age Verification

With our drop driver app, effortlessly scan IDs and passports for authentication and age verification.

Digital Proof of Delivery

With our drop driver app, ensure constant proof of delivery with our signature, photo, and notes capabilities.

Driver Chat

Effortlessly communicate between dispatch and your driver, or among all your drivers, using our driver chat application

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Questions? We Have Answers.
What is last Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery refers to the final leg of the delivery process, where a product is transported from a local distribution center or what we call Drop hub's to its ultimate destination, which is typically a customer's doorstep or a specific location. It is a critical phase in the supply chain, and efficient last-mile delivery is essential for timely and satisfactory customer service

What is Drop Fleet ?

Drop Fleet is a delivery management solution supporting businesses in efficiently allocating and monitoring their local deliveries. It enables seamless communication between businesses, drivers, and customers while prioritizing adherence to regulatory standards. Drop offers a robust web-based dispatcher platform and reporting dashboard, user-friendly iOS/Android mobile apps for drivers, automatic real-time customer notifications with tracking, and versatile APIs for seamless integration with 3rd party software, all with a strong emphasis on delivery compliance.

What is a drop ?

Our platform revolves around the concept of a 'drop,' which signifies a singular task executed at a specific destination. This task can involve either a pickup or a drop-off.

Do you offer a trial period or demos?

No, we don't offer a trial period. However, we do provide demos, and you can easily schedule one with our Sales team.

Is there a requirement for an annual contract commitment?

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible approach to our software agreements. Unlike some companies that may lock you into long-term contracts, we believe in providing you the freedom to choose what works best for your business. While we don't mandate annual contracts, we do offer them as an option. We're confident in the value and quality of our software, which is why many of our clients find it beneficial to opt for an annual contract for the substantial cost savings it can provide. This way, you have the assurance of a dedicated partnership without feeling restricted by stringent contractual obligations. This flexibility allows you to adapt to your business's evolving needs and ensures that you are in control of your arrangements with us.

Do you provide drivers for your customers?

No. Drop is a software solution designed to enhance delivery management for businesses. It offers a range of features including a powerful web-based dispatcher and reporting dashboard, intuitive iOS/Android mobile apps for drivers, automatic customer notifications with real-time tracking, and robust APIs for seamless integration. However, please note that Drop does not come with a dedicated drivers. It is a software platform that utilizes your existing driver fleet resources for efficient delivery operations.

Is Drop available for use outside of the US?

Yes, we are currently providing solutions to Canada and have plans to expand to other countries.